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US Presidents: Lists and Records

    The presidents of the United States are so much fun. Understanding them helps us understand American history. We have compiled a series of lists about the presidents, and will be adding more as we think of new categories.


Presidential birthplaces

Presidents born before the USA became a country:

Presidents born in Arkansas

Presidents born in California

Presidents born in the Carolinas

Presidents born in Connecticut

Presidents born in Georgia

Presidents born in Illinois

Presidents born in Iowa

Presidents born in Kentucky

Presidents born in Massachusetts

Presidents born in Missouri

Presidents born in Nebraska

Presidents born in New Hampshire

Presidents born in New Jersey

Presidents born in New York

Presidents born in Ohio

Presidents born in Pennsylvania

Presidents born in Texas

Presidents born in Vermont

Presidents born in Virginia

Presidential religions

Baptist presidents

Congregationalist presidents

Deist presidents

Presidents belonging to Disciples of Christ

Dutch Reformed presidents

Episcopalian presidents

Methodist presidents

Presbyterian presidents

Quaker presidents

Roman Catholic presidents

Unitarian presidents

Presidents without church affiliation

Presidential Military Experience

Presidents who served in wars

Presidents who were in the military but who saw no action

Presidents with no military experience

Presidents during wartime

Presidents who did not preside over war during their terms

Pre-Presidential Careers


Assistant Secretary of the Navy

Bank Clerk





Canal Boat Laborer

Career Military


Cattle Rancher

C.I.A. Director

Circus Roustabout

City Solicitor



Collector of the Port of New York

Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives

Construction Worker

Continental Congress Delegate


Delivery Boy

Deputy Sheriff




Elevator Operator

Farmer, Farm Boy

Ferryboat Operator

Fruit Picker



Horse Handler

House Minority Leader

Insurance Salesman





Lieutenant Governor


Mailroom Clerk

Male Model


Member of House of Burgesses

Mining Engineer


Newspaper Publisher

Office Boy


Park Ranger

Postal Clerk


Printer's Devil


Radio Announcer

Railroad Timekeeper

Reporter, Journalist

Road Construction Laborer

School Principal

School Teacher

Secretary of Commerce

Secretary of Northwest Territory

Secretary of State

Secretary of War 

Senator, U.S.


Shoeshine Boy

Speaker of the House

State Attorney General

State Comptroller

State Legislator

State Senator

Store Clerk



Tavern worker



Trash Collector

University President

Vice President (See Electoral Lists, below)

Electoral Lists

Presidents who had been vice presidents

Vice-presidents who were later elected president, without having served out the remainder of a predecessor's term

Find more information about Vice-Presidents below.

Presidents who never ran for president

Presidents who were never elected president or vice president

Presidents who ran for president, but were never elected

Elected presidents whose parties did not nominate them for a second term

Presidents who ran unopposed

Vice presidents who became president through death or resignation of their president

Find more information about Vice-Presidents below.

Presidents who lost the popular vote but won the electoral college vote

Presidents who won neither the popular vote nor the electoral college vote, but still ended up as president

Presidents who were chosen by the House of Representatives because no one had a majority

Presidents who defeated incumbents

Presidents elected to two terms

Presidents elected to one term

Presidents elected to four terms

Presidents elected (or selected) on their first run for office (does not include primary bids)

Presidents elected on their second run for office (does not include primary bids)

Presidents who defeated each other

Presidents who served non-consecutive terms

Presidents who received 100% of the electoral college votes

Ex-Presidents who tried unsuccessfully to regain the presidency

Presidential deaths and misfortunes

Presidents killed by the incompetence of their doctors

Assassinated presidents

Presidents who suffered attempted assassinations

Presidents who died in office of natural causes

Impeached presidents

Presidents who resigned

Presidential Families

Presidents related to earlier presidents

African-American Presidents

Note: Several presidents were allegedly of mixed European and African ancestry, which by U.S. reckoning would designate them as African-American. See The Five Negro Presidents by J.A. Rogers and Six Black Presidents: Black Blood, White Masks by Auset Bakhufu.

Presidents who married while president

Bachelor presidents

Presidents with adopted children

Presidents who had children out of wedlock

Childless presidents

Divorced presidents

Presidential Party Affiliation

Federalist presidents

Democratic (or earlier, Democratic-Republican) presidents

Whig presidents

Republican presidents

Presidents belonging to no party

Presidents who changed party affiliation after their presidency


Presidents whose VP belonged to a different party

Presidents at least temporarily without vice-presidents

Presidents defeated for reelection by their own vice-president

Vice-Presidents who tried for, but never achieved, the presidency

Vice-Presidents who later joined the Confederacy

Vice-Presidents who changed party affiliation after their terms as VP

Vice-Presidents who resigned as VP

Miscellaneous Presidential Lists

Presidents who killed people outside of war (or who were accused thereof)

Presidents who had extramarital affairs

Presidents with an alcohol problem

Presidents who owned slaves

Presidents with facial hair

Presidents who joined the Confederacy

President who slept the most

Ready-For-Bed Cal Coolidge, drawing by Megaera Lorenz

Ready-for-bed Cal, by Megaera Lorenz

Great Presidential Books and Stuff

Cover of The Complete Book of Presidents

The Complete Book of the US Presidents, an incredible source of information and data, by William Degregorio.

Cover of The American President

Beautiful photographs, fascinating articles, and an interesting grouping of presidents by type, in The American President by Kunhardt, Kunhardt and Kunhardt.

Cover of Presidential Campaign Songs

Presidential Campaign Songs for every president from Washington to Clinton (except for Chester Arthur), performed by Oscar Brand. Has excellent liner notes.

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